Direct Savings Program


Let RCMU pay for your energy efficiency upgrade!

Direct Savings is a direct install program that helps businesses decrease their operating costs and protect the environment by reducing energy use.

How does it work?

  • RCMU has contracted with Richard Heath and Associates (RHA) to conduct free energy audits.  The audits will identify energy saving opportunities in lighting, air conditioning, refrigeration, and more.

  • A report will be generated during the on-site visit that will provide recommended retrofit items where you can save energy and money.  Each recommendation will include the cost to perform the retrofit, anticipated annual energy savings and the payback of each item.

  • You can select the recommendations you would like to install and RCMU will pay up to $1,500 for items selected without any money being paid by you!  Any cost above the $1,500 limit would be paid by your organization.

  • RHA will have your business sign an Authorization Form and schedule an appointment to install the equipment at a time convenient for you.

  • Installation of the recommended equipment or service will then be completed by an RHA certified contractor.

  • Certain out-of-pocket expenses may also be eligible to receive rebate incentives currently being offered by RCMU depending on program guidelines.

How do I sign up?

  • RHA will begin visiting sites and conducting audits in June 2013.

  • RCMU customers can also schedule an audit and participate in the program, simply by calling RHA at 1-877-290-2590.

It is that easy!  RCMU covers the cost for the energy audit of your facility and will pay for the first $1,500 of retrofits you select.  If you decide to participate, you are not obligated to purchase any additional services offered by RHA.

Program funds are limited and offered to customers on a first come, first served basis.  Once funding has been depleted, RCMU will begin a waiting list that will be utilized once funds become available.  This program may be modified or terminated without notice.

RCMU Direct Savings Notification Letter