Energy Efficiency Program

The Energy Efficiency Program is currently offering rebates in the following categories at the listed rates:

Category Annual kWh Savings - Rebate Annual kW Savings - Rebate*
Lighting $0.05/kWh $100.00/kW
Interior LED $0.08/kWh $100.00/kW
Exterior LED $0.09/kWh N/A
Delamping $0.05/kWh $100.00/kW
HVAC $0.09/kWh N/A
Motors $0.09/kWh N/A
Refrigeration $0.09/kWh N/A

*Demand Savings (kW) Rebates only apply to rate classes that receive demand charges on their bill.

A pre-approval from RCMU is required prior to any work being completed to verify rebate eligibility.

It is recommended that a comprehensive energy audit is performed on your building before investing any large amount of money in energy efficiency improvements. An energy audit can help to identify where your highest return on energy efficiency investments are. RCMU offers free energy audits to active commercial customers who have not received an energy audit within the past 36 months. To schedule your free energy audit, contact RHA at 1-877-290-2590.

For complete Terms and Conditions and to download the Energy Efficiency Rebate application, please click the link below.

Energy Efficiency Rebate Program Application