Land Development

The Land Development Section is responsible for the engineering review and inspection of development projects and permits submitted to the City from concept plan submittal to completion of construction of public infrastructure. This process includes checking for compliance with city codes and policies, protection from flood hazards, compliance with the City’s Transportation and Storm Drain Master Plans, and technical checking of maps, easements, lot line adjustments and street, storm drain and public landscape plans.  The development process also includes construction permit issuance and inspection.  The Land Development Section provides public assistance related to plans, documents and construction standards associated with public rights-of-way and improvements.

The goal of the Land Development team is to provide excellent customer service assisting the development community, general public, contractors and other agencies while ensuring the prudent and equitable application of development-related codes, policies, infrastructure design and construction guidelines are employed.

This Section is also responsible for the issuance of temporary lane closure permits, oversize and overweight vehicle permits, and temporary use permits for temporary on-street parking.

For further information or inquiries on land development related issues, please contact Albert Espinoza, Assistant City Engineer at (909) 477-2740.

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