Trail Features & Improvements

The Rancho Cucamonga segment of the trail extends approximately 7 miles between the City’s western and eastern boarders.  The trail features two parallel paths: a ribbon of concrete and another of decomposed granite.  The concrete path is intended for pedestrians and bicyclists, while the softer surface is designed for walkers, joggers and equestrian riders.

The Trail has night lighting for safety and has climate appropriate landscaping, trash cans and doggie clean-up bag dispensers at intersection crossings.  You’ll even find benches, horse tie-ups and drinking fountains for the two legged and four legged trail users along the route.

Benefits of the Trail

  • Improves health through exercise
  • Improves the environment by preserving open space and reducing air pollution.
  • Promotes civic pride by enhancing quality of life.
  • Increases real estate values along the trail corridor. 
  • Provides a link between the trail and mass transit systems (e.g. Metrolink, bus).
  • Provides safe and convenient recreational opportunities for trail users.
  • Eliminates abandoned corridors overgrown with weeds.
  • Promotes historic preservation through connections to historic landmarks and historical sign displays. 
  • Improves the local economy by attracting regional visitors to the trail who will purchase food, lodging, fuel, and recreational equipment.

Photography by Ofelia Morales

Trails Throughout Rancho Cucamonga

The City has a long-term commitment to developing a comprehensive trail system within the community and which also connects to the County and National Forest Service public lands.  The City, as part of its Healthy RC program, views recreation as one of the basic necessities of life which also contributes to the overall quality of life in the community.  The Pacific Electric Trail is one of the jewels of the City’s trail system and it is integrated into the community’s trail master plan.  To view the trail system that is available in the community so you can use it for recreation enjoyment or exploration of the community, click here.

How to Access the Trail

The Pacific Electric Trail can be accessed at any of the trail connections along city streets and flood control channels.  There are also five trailheads that are adjacent to or near the trail in the City where users can park their vehicles and access the trail:

  • Route 66 Trailhead - 8500 Foothill Blvd.
  • Central Park – 11200 Base Line Rd.
  • Ellena Park – 7139 Kenyon Way
  • Red Hill Park – 7484 Vineyard Ave.
  • Etiwanda Depot – intersection of Etiwanda Ave. and the Pacific Electric Trail

Click on the following links for access to the Trail Map and the Bikeways Map.

Pacific Electric Trail Improvements in Other Communities

  • Approximately 18 miles of the trail is complete from the Los Angeles County line through the cities of Montclair, Upland, Rancho Cucamonga and Fontana.
  • The City of Rialto has plans for construction.