Cucamonga/Demens Trail Rest

Base Line Road to Hillside Road

The Cucamonga/Demens Trail Rest is non-reservable.

  • View a map of the trail
  • No on-site parking/accessible only by trail  (Follow flood control west of Sapphire/south of Banyan)
  • Bicycle and Pedestrian Trail (1.7 miles from Base Line to Sapphire/Banyan)Demens Trail Rest
  • Equestrian Trail which includes:
    • 19th Street Underpass
    • Base Line Road Underpass
    • 4 Channel Bridges
  • Trail Rest 1.3 miles (Base Line to Confluence Area) which includes:   
    • 2 Covered Shelters (Non-reservable)
    • 1 Covered Picnic Table (Non-reservable)
    • 1 Covered Hitching Rail
    • Horse Waterer/Drinking Fountain