Coyote Canyon Park

Located at

10987 Terra Vista Parkway (Map)

The picnic shelters at this park are reservable.  For availability and reservation information please call (909) 477- 2765.  Taping or roping off the shelter area or open picnic tables is NOT allowed and will be removed by Park Monitors.

With a written request, approved reservation and required fees, specialized equipment such as inflatable bounce houses are allowed in this park.

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    Coyote Canyon Park

    Coyote Canyon Park

  • 2 Small Covered Picnic Shelters with 2 Tables and 1 Barbecue in each Shelter(Reservable)
  • 6 Open Picnic Tables (Non-reservable)
  • 3 Large Barbecue Shared by Both Shelters (Non-reservable)
  • Children's Play Equipment Area
  • 1 Dedicated Softball/Baseball Field - 220' Outfield, 60" Base Paths, 46' Pitchers Mound w/Backstop
  • 1 Soccer/Football Field Overlay - 225' length, 175' width - NO goal posts
  • Exercise Course (0.34 miles) featuring:
    Coyote Canyon Park


    • Sit-up, push-up bench, Step-up blocks and post, Vertical ladder
    • Pull-up, stretching bars, balance beam
    • Sit-up, push-up bench, Pull-up, spring-up bars
    • Parallel bars, high jump post