Facility Information

Facility Rental

The following facilities have rooms available for rental:

Special Use Facilities

Facility Fee Refunds

Refunds of facility rental fees (excluding the Application Fee) will be processed as follows:

  • 30 or more calendar day notice – full refund of all fees (less the Application Fee)
  • 15-29 days notice – 100% refund of all fees; 0% of deposit* (less the Application Fee)
  • 2 to 14 days notice – 50% refund of all fees; 0% of deposit* (less the Application Fee)
  • Less than 2 days notice – No Refund
*If deposit exceeds estimated amount of rental fees, then 100% of rental fees will be forfeited and the balance will be refunded.

Application Fee

In the event of a cancellation at any time, the application fee is withheld from the rental deposit as follows:

  • $25 for small room rentals
  • $50 for large room or hall rentals
  • $75 for full event hall rentals

Overtime Fee

For rentals that go over in time from their rental contract a fee will be assessed equal to staff cost plus rental fee to be calculated at a rate of time-and-a-half.

Other Fees

If additional City staff is required, services will be charged at the rate of $15.00 per hour for staff time. At the discretion of the Community Services Director, an additional Rental Deposit may be required according to event/rental requirements and the City’s liability exposure. An additional $500.00  Rental Deposit and a $50.00 Administration Fee will be required for alcohol use at approved alcohol use City facilities. Rental Deposit fees may range from $100.00 (small rooms) to $500.00 (banquet rooms).