Central Park Master Plan Update

What is a Central Park Master Plan Update?

Since 1987 there have been several versions of the vision of Central Park. An update to the latest version is needed in order to better meet the residents' needs; and create a plan for smaller buildable segments that can be built over time, WHEN funding is available. Community input and engagement has been a part of the various versions of the Plan; this participation is an important part of creating that vision.

Why create a vision of "buildable segments"?

At this time, funds are not available for expansion of Central Park. This process is to update the existing Central Park Master Plan to create a vision for a fiscally and environmentally responsible park space. Revisioning buildable segments of space and amenities in 3 - 10 acre improvements provides greater opportunities for developing as we continue to search for potential grants, donations and other funding sources. Without a vision, there can be no plan.

How long is this Central Park Master Plan Update going to take?

City staff have been working with RJM Design Group developing the timeline; community engagement efforts will be conducted August - October, with a finalized updated plan anticipated in spring 2018.

Thank you for participating. Your voices were heard.

Rancho Cucamonga residents were encouraged to attend a number of Community Workshops held at Central Park from September through October where they had the opportunity to engage with City staff and RJM Design Group to identify possible amenities and a plan for the future of Central Park's development, should funds become available. We encourage our residents to follow the City on Facebook and to enter your email below for reVISION updates as they are made available.

Past Community Workshops
  • August 15th (Tu) - History of Central Park & the Central Park Master Plan
  • September 19th (Tu) - What We've Heard
  • October 9th (Mo) - Update Status/Next Steps


Through online Surveys and Community Workshops we will work together to enVISION a Central Park for the future. These surveys, intended for Rancho Cucamonga residents, will ask you some questions about your use of Parks in the City of Rancho Cucamonga; and your thoughts specific to Central Park and the Central Park reVISION effort.


Thank you for your participation in the survey process.

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