Park Development Information

As of July 2010, the City of Rancho Cucamonga offers over 350 acres of developed parkland and special use facilities (not including trails).  There are a total of 26 neighborhood parks, 3 community parks and 8 special use facilities located throughout the City.  The City also owns or leases several sites intended for parks or special use facilities, as well as a number of private parks, which have not yet been developed.  Those sites total approximately 150 acres.

Neighborhood Parks

Generally between five and ten acres in size, Neighborhood Parks are intended to provide for the daily recreation needs of residents who live in the immediate vicinity of the park.  They may include passive and active open space, tot lots, picnic facilities and practice fields. The following parks are designated as Neighborhood Parks:

Bear Gulch Park Golden Oak Park Mountain View Park Victoria Groves Park
Beryl Park East/West Hermosa Park Old Town Park Vintage Park
Church Street Park Kenyon Park Olive Grove Park West Greenway Park
Coyote Canyon Park Legacy Park Ralph M. Lewis Park Windrows Park
Day Creek Park Lions Park Rancho Summit Park
Ellena Park Los Amigos Park Spruce Avenue Park
Garcia Park Milliken Park Victoria Arbors Park


Community Parks

Intended to provide community-wide recreational facilities, Community Parks range between 20 and 40 acres in size.  They are intended to provide a wide variety of amenities including lighted athletic fields and courts for evening use, community/recreation centers, cultural centers, picnic areas and gardens.  Community Parks can be developed adjacent to or in joint use with junior high/middle schools or high schools.  The following parks are designated as Community Parks:

Etiwanda Creek Community Park Heritage Community Park Red Hill Community Park


Special Use Facilities

Special Use Facilities offer special recreation, social and cultural amenities and may contain adult softball, baseball and soccer fields.  They may range in size from 3 acres to over 100 acres and include:

Adult Sports Complex Lions West
Central Park RC Family Resource Center
Cucamonga/Demens Trail Rest RC Family Sports Center
Lions East Victoria Gardens Cultural Center


To view additional information, click on the links below:

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For further information or inquiries on parks related issues throughout the City, or to reserve a Rancho Cucamonga park or facility, please contact the Community Services Department at (909) 477-2760.