Park and Facility Development

The Park Development Division is responsible for the design and construction of the City's parks and special use facilities; the administration of the Americans with Disabilities Act, which ensures that public facilities are in compliance with regulations; as well as the administration of grant applications for park and recreation amenities.

Parks and Special Use Facilities include all of the parks and community/cultural centers in Rancho Cucamonga.  Parks support activities that range from purely passive recreational uses to heavily programmed activities.  Special use facilities include multi-use centers such as the Victoria Gardens Cultural Center, Central Park and the Epicenter Sports Complex.  The City offers diverse recreational programs at each facility depending upon the size of the park and the type of facility. 

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Central Park Master Plan Update reVISION


For further information or inquiries on Parks and Special Use Facilities related issues throughout the City, or to reserve a Rancho Cucamonga park or facility, please contact (909) 477-2760.