Special Needs Resources

Rising Stars

Since 1991, Rising Stars has provided therapeutic and recreational horseback riding lessons to physically and mentally challenged children and adults, as well as offering lessons to all abilities. In addition to improving posture, balance, coordination, strengthening and relaxing muscles and joints, riding builds self-discipline and self-confidence.

For further information, call (909) 477-2782, ext. 3853 or contact Pat Morris at (909) 987-9403.

Pomona Valley/Inland Learning Disabilities Association

Special Needs Support Group

For parents and professionals. Held at the Goldy S. Lewis Community Center, 11200 Base Line Road (map).  For further information, call (909) 477-2782.

Support Group

For those who live or work with children or young adults with special needs.  Presented by Pomona Valley/Inland Learning Disabilities Association.

3rd Thursday of every month
6:30 - 8:30 p.m.

Young Adult Workshop

Meets during Support Group meeting.  Participants must be 16 years or older.  Parent must attend Support Group meeting.

For more information, visit www.ldaca.org/pvilda/.

Unity Tree

Unity Tree's mission is to provide an environment that allows for special needs families to unite, share, connect, and grow together.

For more information on meeting dates, times, locations and events, please visit www.unitytreespicialneeds.org