Park and Recreation Commission

The Park and Recreation Commission (per Ordinance # 318) acts in an advisory capacity to the City Council with respect to park and recreation facility location, park site planning and facility design and development, operation, maintenance and redevelopment of facilities, fiscal policy recommendations regarding development priorities, grants, fees and financing mechanisms for furthering the goals of the Park and Recreation Element of the City's General Plan.

The Park and Recreation Commission also advises the City Council on matters pertaining to providing a quality program of recreational services and activities for the community and park and recreation matters as may be referred to the Commission by the City Council, or brought to the Commission's attention by the citizens of Rancho Cucamonga. The Commission provides such advice and consultation to other City commissions and to staff as may be requested of the Commission.

Park and Recreation Commissioners

  • Victoria Jones, Chair 
  • Michael Sweetland, Vice-Chair
  • Otis Greer, Commissioner
  • Peter Villegas, Commissioner
  • Dr. Sean Welsh, Commissioner

Meeting Schedule

The Park and Recreation Commission meets every 3rd Thursday of the month at 7:00 o'clock in the evening at the Rancho Cucamonga Civic Center Council Chamber located at 10500 Civic Center Drive, Rancho Cucamonga, California, 91730.

For more information on Community Services Department classes, programs, special events, park and community center amenities, please visit, the Community Services Department's official website.