Planning & Historic Preservation Commission

The Planning/Historic Preservation Commission consists of 5 residents appointed by the City Council for four year terms:

  • Francisco Oaxaca, Chairman
  • Rich Macias, Vice-Chairman
  • Tony Guglielmo, Commissioner
  • Lou Muñoz, Commissioner
  • Ray Wimberly, Commissioner

The Planning Commission's role is to review and make decisions on various land use applications such as, but not limited to, Conditional Use Permits, Development/Design Reviews, Entertainment Permits, Subdivisions (tentative tract and tentative parcel maps), and Variances. The Commission also makes recommendations to the City Council regarding amendments to the General Plan, Development District/Zoning, and the Development Code. They will also review and make recommendations on new ordinances, land use determinations, and other matters of public interest.

Decisions are reached through a hearing process that is open to the public. As it is a public meeting, the members of the community are encouraged to participate. During the hearing, the Commission listens to oral presentations by City staff, the applicant, and interested members of the community. The Commissioners also are appointed to be the City's Historic Preservation Commission. The Historic Preservation Commission is responsible for determining which buildings and/or sites are historic, designating local historic landmarks, and approving alterations to local landmarks.


Since cityhood, the Planning/Historic Preservation Commission has been setting and working toward planning goals to protect and enhance the beauty and appeal of the community. Some basic goals of the Commission are:

  • Implement the General Plan policies
  • Protect natural environment
  • Protect community identity
  • Promote attractive and technically sound development
  • Preserve historic and cultural resources

Meeting Schedule

Click Here for Planning/Historic Commission Agendas and Minutes

The Planning/Historic Preservation Commission meetings are held every second and fourth Wednesday of each month at 7:00 p.m. in the City's Council Chamber located at 10500 Civic Center Drive. Due to holidays (such as the Wednesday prior to Thanksgiving) or rare, unforeseen circumstances, a meeting may be scheduled for another date. Contact the Planning Department for further information. To ensure public participation, the public is notified of public hearing items by several methods:

  1. Mailed notification to all property owners within a radius of 660 feet from the project site. The City's Planning Department staff mails all notifications, which are addressed to the property owners according to the latest information provided by the applicant, title companies, and the San Bernardino County Tax Assessor's office. Note that the distance of 660 feet is measured from the property lines of the subject property; and
  2. Postings at the project site along the sides of the property facing the street(s). Prior to public hearings, a Planning Department staff member will go to the project site and post the site with a notice. For relatively small projects, this notice may consist of a 'poster' stapled to a wooden stake driven into the ground. For more complex projects, the notification will be stapled to a large 8' high 'Notice of Filing" sign that was installed by the applicant (at the direction of the Planning Department); and
  3. Published advertising in the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin newspaper; and
  4. Postings at the entrances to the Civic Center and at the Planning Department's Public Information Counter.