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Services & Functions

Rancho Cucamonga Online Permit System (Accelerate)

In addition to the "In-House" services provided, Building & Safety continues to advance our services by offering two additional ways of obtaining permit for simple projects and inspection request services:

Accelerate (On-Line)

Accelerate is an online permitting program that gives applicants the option to use their computers when initiating online applications and pay for permits of simple projects. Additional benefits that Accelerate offers are:

  • The ability to schedule and check inspection results 
  • Review the status of plan check applications
  • View case, land parcel and permit information
  • Start permit applications online for simple projects 

IVR (Telephone)

The Interactive Voice Response system (IVR) is used for tracking the status of your case/record, checking inspection results, and requesting inspections by telephone. The IVR phone number is (909) 477-2777. You will need to know the IVR number associated with you record to use IVR.

For more information on Accelerate, view or contact the Building & Safety Services Department at (909) 477-2710.