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The Building and Safety Services Department provides quality service to the community in a manner that is comprehensive, efficient and knowledgeable. We continue our commitment to excellent public safety and quality of life by building strong relationships and partnerships with residents, businesses, and the development of communities; through innovative programming, technology and enforcement of the highest standards of codes.

WIldland-Urban Interface Viewer - The interactive web mapping application is intended for residents to check if their property is located within the Wildland-Urban Interface.

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Forms, Applications, & Handouts

ADA Grievance Form
Certificate of Occupancy
Common Property Line Fence/Wall Agreement
Community Development Fee Schedule 01.04.19
Disability Access Requirements and Resources- AB 3002
Disability Access Requirements and Resources- AB 3002 (Chinese Simplified)
Disability Access Requirements and Resources- AB 3002 (Chinese Traditional)
Disability Access Requirements and Resources- AB 3002 (Korean)
Disability Access Requirements and Resources- AB 3002 (Spanish)
Disability Access Requirements and Resources- AB 3002 (Tagalog)
Disability Access Requirements and Resources- AB 3002 (Vietnamese)
Electronic Plan Submittal Requirements
Eligibility Checklist for Expedited
Haunted Houses and Other Amusement Type Events in Residential Areas
How To Request An Inspection
How to start an application in the Accelerate Portal
Request for New Address
Solar PV Standard Plan
Solar Water Heating Eligibilty Checklist for 1st & 2nd Family Dwelling
Solar Water Heating Standard Plan for 1st & 2nd Family Dwelling
Sub-contractor List
Sub-contractor List - Swimming Pool
Utilities Release Authorization Form

Building Plan Check & Permit

Acknowledgement and Verification of Owner
Adopted Building & Safety Ordinance No. 899
Annexation Application Process Handout
Application for Unreasonable Hardship Exception
Authorization of Agent to Act on Owner Behalf: Owner-Builder
Building and Safety Plan Review Process
CNG Residential Vehicle Fueling Checklist
Commercial/Industrial Submittal Requirements
Complaint Investigation Form
Electrical Vehicle Charging Systems - Plan Review Requirements
Elevator and Elevator Plan Check
EV- Zero-Emission Vehicles in CA: Community Readiness Guidebook
Event Planning Chart - Sanitation
Garden Wall
Guidelines for Residential Graywater and Rainwater Collecting Systems
Mobile Home Park Brochure
Patio Cover - Rafter tail Attachment Detail
Patio Cover Detail
Plan Check / Permit Worksheet - Mobile Home
Plan Check Permit Supplemental Worksheet
Plan Check/Permit Extension Request
Procedure for the Remediation of Unpermitted Building Conversions
PV - Standards for Residential Photovoltaic Systems
Rafter & Joist Span Table
Request for Compliance Investigation
Requirements for Smoke & Carbon Monoxide (CO) Alarms in Single Family Residential
Residential Bathroom Remodel
Residential Circuit Card and Load Summary
Residential Kitchen Remodel
Residential Pool & Spa Demolition
Residential Pool & Spas
Residential Submittal Requirements
Residential Water Heater Installation & Bracing
Retaining Wall
Sample Site Plan_2011
Sanitation - Planning Event Chart
Smoke and /or Carbon Monoxide Alarm Retrofit Owner Certification
Temporary Tent Structure (EZ Up)
Tenant Improvement Submittal List
Typical Stake Anchorage for Temporary Tent Structures

Fire Plan Check

Access & Water Declaration of Easements
Access Declaration of Easement
Application for Alternate Method
Approved Street Trees for RC
Commitment Letter
Emergency Contact Information
Final Occupancy
Fire Construction Fee Schedule
Fire Extinguisher Installation
Fire Hazard Zone Map
Fire Plan Review Process Flowchart
Hazmat Worksheet
Landscaping Guidelines
Partial Occupancy Checklist
Sample Knox Box Application
Statement for Intended Use
Temporary Power Release
Tenant Improvement Standard Notes
Undesirable Plants and Trees in the High Fire Hazard Area


Fire Code Permit Application
Plan Check / Permit Supplemental Worksheet


Engineer's Structural Observation/Inspection Report Form
L.A.M.P. for O.W.T.S. (Septic)
Plan Review Guide for O.W.T.S. (Septic)
San Bernardino Storm Water Program - Septic Booklet