License Your Pets

The City of Rancho Cucamonga and the State of California require that all dogs over four (4) months of age must have and wear a current license tag. Cats can be licensed on a voluntary basis.  Although this is not required it is greatly encouraged.

Your pet’s license is proof of its current rabies vaccination and a valuable means of identification.  It can help reunite you with your pet quickly and ensure that they are returned home safely if lost.  Should your pet be brought to the Animal Center, they are held for an extended period of time (10 days) before being put up for adoption, to allow you the time to connect with us and arrange for their return home.  License fees support the return of hundreds of lost pets to their homes and help adopt thousands of homeless pets to new families every year.

To purchase a license, you must provide proof of your pet’s current rabies vaccination.  If your pet has been spayed or neutered (and we hope it has), you are eligible for a reduced rate by providing proof of sterilization. Pet owners over the age of 65 or those with a permanent disability may qualify for a reduced rate by providing proof of age or disability (SSI card, permanent disabled person’s placard).  Please keep in mind that the number of pets allowed per household in residential areas is 3 dogs and 3 cats.  Limits may differ for properties with a lot size of 10,000 sq. ft. or greater.  Refer to page 27 of Ordinance 881 for details.