Finalizing the Adoption

If you decide to go ahead with the adoption, you may want to use a contract like the one below. A contract can be a safety net for both you and the adopter. Make two copies of the contract and both of you can sign them. Leave one with the adopter and take one with you.

When you give up the animal, collect your adoption fee and remember to hand over any medical and vaccination records, and any special food, bowls, toys or bedding. (There’s a sample medical record below that you can use as a guide if you need to write one up.)

Once you have made a match, stay in touch. Call regularly to see how things are going, particularly at the outset. Be careful not to bug the adopters, though. There is a time to let go and allow them to form their own bond with the animal. If there are any problems with the transition, remember that can help – with advice, training and solutions.