Words of Advice and Encouragement

As you go through the process of placing a homeless pet, keep in mind that creativity, persistence, and a positive attitude are usually rewarded. Think about the best possible environment for the pet and explore all the options you can think of. Try not to get discouraged and don’t give up after just one or two interviews. Finding a home can take some work and some time, but if you persevere, you are sure to find a new person for your pet eventually. If you have a time limit and it expires with no home in sight, then consider boarding the animal to buy some more time.

If you are trying to place your own pet in a new home, you are this pet’s best option for finding a good new home. Since you know the animal, you can provide the most information to prospective adopters and you can best determine the appropriateness of a new home. Please remember that your dog or cat has been a faithful companion to you, so he/she deserves the best new home you can find. You will sleep better knowing that your pet is happy, healthy and safe in a wonderful new home.

Whatever you do, don’t just turn your pet loose in a residential neighborhood or wild area, or leave him/her tied up to a fence with the hope that someone will find the pet. Domestic animals cannot fend for themselves in a strange environment. One of the saddest sights in the world is a dog dashing out to each car that comes along, hoping the car contains his person. These dogs are very hard to catch as they wait for the person who abandoned them, and they are vulnerable to injury, disease, starvation and death.

We hope that the advice in this publication helps you to place your pet or an animal you have rescued. We understand that this may be a difficult and stressful time for you, but we hope you will be patient and give our suggestions time to work.