How to Find Your Pet a New Home

Something to consider...

If you, or someone you know, is considering giving up a pet because of a behavior problem or other issue that you’d like to discuss, you may want to contact us at the shelter. Also, try out the Pet Resource Center, there’s lots of advice from animal experts that can help you change what’s going wrong and keep your pet.


Has something happened in your life and you can no longer take care of your pet? Or perhaps you have found a stray cat or dog and need to find him/her a home. Maybe a friend or relative has died, leaving one or more pets to be placed in a new home. You want to be able to do something to help find a new and loving permanent home.

We hope our suggestions will help you achieve your goal. First, we’ll talk about what to do if you’ve found a stray. (If you locate the pet’s owner, you may not even need to find a new home!)

If you do need to find a new home for the pet, we’ll show you how to get the word out. We’ll talk about how to create an effective flyer and how to write imaginative text (to capture the attention of a prospective adopter for a flyer or a classified ad in the newspaper. And we will show you how to take advantage of the networks already established to advertise your animal.

We then discuss how to prepare the pet for adoption: making sure that the animal’s vaccinations are up-to-date and that he/she is healthy, bathed and groomed.

We also walk you through the very important screening process. (We assume you don’t want to just give the pet away without making sure that he/she is going to a good, responsible home.) We suggest questions to ask to find out if the prospective adopter will provide a suitable home.

We provide information on how to finalize the adoption. In the appendix, you’ll find examples of an adoption contract, a medical record, and an adoption screener’s worksheet.

Finally, we offer some words of advice and encouragement in your quest to find a good new home.


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