Your Contract With Your New Dog

We, the ______________________ family, believe that our dog is a full member of the family. This means that he/she has the right to be cared for and loved. Each person in the family agrees to help take care of our new dog and treat him/her with kindness, patience, love and respect.

We know that caring for our dog means responsibilities and jobs that must be done every day. We will give our dog proper food and fresh water every day.

We know that it costs money to take proper care of our dog. We will bring our dog to a veterinarian for regular check–ups and when he/she gets sick or injured.

We promise to spend time with our dog every day and exercise him/her to show him/her how much we love him/her.

We promise to love and care for our dog throughout his/her lifetime. We know that dogs can live for up to 15 years and we will make every effort to keep our dog, no matter what changes life may bring. If we cannot keep our dog, we will make every effort to find him/her a loving, new home or bring him/her back to the shelter.

Parents’ Signatures:

Children’s Signatures: