How You Can Help

Kitten PictureThe success of our life changing mission is greatly enhanced by the support of many generous caring people.  Our donors are valued members of our team and absolutely essential to achieving our goal of building a community in which every adoptable pet finds a home.  Their help makes a critical difference in the lives of the animals we care for at the Rancho Cucamonga Animal Care and Adoption Center.

The monetary donations we receive help us fund many programs that help us find permanent, loving homes for our wonderful Center pets. They provide us the ability to offer extended medical care & rehabilitation, behavioral enrichment, and foster care to our orphaned pets.  These donations not only help us care for the animals in the Center, but also allow us to perform Community Outreach which is a necessary program to helping us identify possible adopters for the wonderful animals in our care.  Your gift enables us to provide humane education to the local community which enriches the lives of individuals and animals alike.

The supply donations we receive are an integral part of making the Center a comfortable temporary home for the dogs, cats, puppies, kittens, rabbits, and other small animals that are brought to the Center every day.  A blanket can be a cozy bed, a secure hiding place, or even a place to play Hide and Seek for many of our dogs.  One small cat toy can bring hours of playful antics for a bored little kitten.  A Kong stuffed with treats and peanut butter can be a wonderful enrichment opportunity for our more energetic dogs, giving them a challenging job to do which distracts them from learning bad behaviors.