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Register as a Vendor

In it's efforts to become more environmentally friendly, the Purchasing Division utilizes an electronic bidding system, Planet Bids.  Vendors wishing to conduct business with the City must register as a vendor by clicking on the Purchasing Online icon below.  Vendors that register will be notified by email for posted solicitations in accordance to the commodity codes that the vendor has chosen to register under.  It is the sole responsibility of the vendor to maintain its vendor portal and contact information.   

Review Solicitation Opportunities

Vendors can also review all current Quote, Bid and Proposal opportunities by clicking on the Purchasing Online icon below.


Make a Sales Call

All sales contacts must be directed to the Purchasing Division.  Contact with other City departments is highly discouraged.  Vendors run the risk of receiving inaccurate information on how to conduct business with the City when consulting with departments other than Purchasing.  Additionally, discussing services or goods with disqualify potential vendors from participating in future solicitation opportunities as it creates an unfair advantage for other vendors.

Contact Purchasing Staff

City Of Rancho Cucamonga
10500 Civic Center Drive
Post Office Box 807
Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730

(909) 477-2700

Ruth Cain, CPPB, Procurement Manager          
(909) 774-2500

Debbie Grimes, Procurement Technician
(909) 774-2504

Cheryl Combs, Procurement Technician
(909) 774-2505

Corinna Martinez, P/T Procurement Clerk
(909) 774-2506

Hector Velazquez, P/T Office Services Clerk
(909) 774-2508

Get on the Emergency Resource Vendor List

Purchasing maintains an "Emergency Resource List of Suppliers" who may be contacted in the event of a local disaster. If you believe your firm may provide such a resource, please contact Purchasing to register as an emergency resource supplier.

Thank you for your continued business interest with the City of Rancho Cucamonga.