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Procurement Division

Welcome to the Procurement Division Homepage!

We hope that you take the time to review the following information to become acquainted with the Procurement Division.  It is our hope that you find the following information intuitive and useful in your business endeavors with the City of Rancho Cucamonga. 

About the Procurement Division.

The Rancho Cucamonga's Procurement Division purchases goods and services for all city departments including the Rancho Cucamonga Fire Protection District and the Police Department.  Procurement is the gatekeeper of a market that grows increasingly sophisticated and diverse. Competition is the keyword that drives the use of the City's tax dollars most effectively.

The City of Rancho Cucamonga adopted a centralized purchasing system of procurement. By concentrating purchasing responsibility into a centralized function, it allows the organization to achieve stabilization in the process and increase savings. The Rancho Cucamonga Municipal Code, Chapter 3.08, Section 3.08.030 authorizes the Procurement Division to conduct centralized procurement practices.  Benefits of centralized procurement provides greater control over taxpayer dollars, provides cost savings, mitigates duplicate purchases, and allocates staff resources more efficiently.  

Centralized control improves relations with the business community by providing a single point of contact for information.  One source of information for the business community reduces frustration and confusion regarding public procurement procedures. Central procurement helps ensure the fair and equitable treatment of all vendors and increases transparency as to how public funds are being expended.


To be a valued added Procurement Division due to the use of innovative sourcing, formation of strategic partnerships, open communication and transparent processes. 

Mission Statement

To establish and maintain positive and professional relationships with our internal and external customers. To conduct all business in accordance with policies, procedures; and in compliance with any legal and regulatory requirements. To remain open, competitive, and fair in all our business practices while obtaining goods and services for the best value to the City.        

Code of Ethics

Ethics is the basis on which Procurement related principles, such as impartiality, fairness, integrity, and transparency are based.  Because public Procurement involves the use of and accountability for public funds, transparency is paramount in all procurement activities.  It is of the highest importance that the taxpayers, residents and businesses have complete confidence in the integrity of their public servants.  

Procurement activities by all City staff is to be conducted in such a manner as to maintain trust and confidence in the integrity of the process, with proficiency and good judgement to obtain the maximum value for each dollar of an expenditure, while upholding the standards of ethical behavior consistently to avoid any appearance of impropriety.