Organizational Development

Team RCTeam RC is an employee led initiative that is intended, through ongoing learning and purposeful organizational development, to take an already excellent organization to the next level. Team RC is based on specific strategies designed to achieve measurable, meaningful progress in the development of the organization. Central to Team RC, however, is the concept of employee engagement: the idea that the best way to develop the organization is to support and promote the development of the people who are its members, and encourage their whole-hearted engagement.

Team RC accomplishes this goal through employee Learning Teams, that are a cross-functional slice of the organization, including representatives from all levels, all departments, and with a variety of experiences. Teams are commissioned to develop different programs or learn about specific concepts, bringing that information back to the entire organization for implementation.

Some of the first triumphs for Team RC included developing a shared Mission, Vision and Values statement, identifying the City’s Ideal Culture to optimize high performance in the organization, and creating a unique Employee Orientation Process called RC Spirit that creates a purposeful, experiential process through which new employees are acculturated into the organization. Some of the current Learning Teams include the Team RC Core Team, Employee Orientation Phase II, and Personal/Professional Development.

Along with Team RC, the City has a very active ongoing Employee Development program, including a multi-jurisdictional Supervisory Academy through Cal Poly Pomona, a more advanced mid-manager Leadership Academy through Cal Poly Pomona, and ongoing initiatives to develop more targeted academies for various departments and sectors within the organization. In addition, the City requires all supervisory and management employees to take AB 1825 Harassment training every 2 years. This includes elected officials. AB 1825 topics include federal and state laws about sexual harassment, how to prevent situations that lead to sexual harassment, discrimination and retaliation, and reporting and remedies for the same.

The City also requires individuals subject to Form 700 disclosures, including elected officals, to take AB 1234 training every 2 years. AB 1234 topics include the Brown Act, transparency in government, conflicts of interest, and related open government topics. Finally, the City participates in multi-jurisdictional training through membership in a training consortium of cities, through its membership in the Public Agency Risk Sharing Authority of California (PARSAC) and in the Employment Risk Management Authority (ERMA). This training addresses a variety of employment and personnel related matters for all levels of employees, supervisors and managers. Training sessions usually involve live speakers and are offered at various times throughout the year.