Personnel Services

Personnel Services provided by the Human Resources Division include:

Benefits:  Works with insurance brokers and other vendors to create a cost effective program of employee benefits that helps recruit and retain quality employees.  Staff advises employees about the various health, pension, disability, and flexible spending plans as well as their provisions and enrollment options.

Classification & Compensation:  Works with operating departments to develop accurate job descriptions, job titles, and appropriate salary recommendations to ensure competitiveness in the local labor market and reasonable internal relationships between classifications.  Conducts classification studies when necessary to confirm appropriate job titles.

Employee Relations:  Represents the interest of the City and Fire District as the employer in the meet and confer (labor negotiations) process with six employee groups representing over 400 employees.  Staff works with operating departments to interpret labor agreements, address and resolve grievances, and process disciplinary actions when appropriate.

Organizational Development The City of Rancho Cucamonga is dedicated to the professional and personal development of its workforce.  Staff provides training both in-house and through vendors in a wide variety of topics including state mandated instruction in workplace harassment and ethics.

Recruitment Conducts Job recruitments and is responsible for managing the City’s merit based system of testing, promotion, and evaluation.  Staff verifies the accuracy of applicant statements on applications and resumes and processes all necessary pre-hire documents.