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GIS Maps and Data

The City has GIS maps available such as the City Atlas, Zoning and General Plan maps. The City also has GIS base map (i.e., a map depicting background reference infrastructure such as land forms, roads, parcels, facilities, and political boundaries) data layers available in shapefile and geodatabase formats (i.e., different ways in which information is stored related to the location, shapes, and attributes of geographic features).

To request either GIS maps or data, please email the GIS Division at or call at (909) 477-2700. 

Please specify your map or data request as well as the purpose and intended users of the map/data along with your contact information (name, address, organization, department, phone number and email address). For map requests, please also specify the format and size of your map request.

The City makes every attempt to ensure that the data contained within the maps is up to date; however, the City cannot guarantee to the accuracy of the information provided.  Please report any errors or mistakes to the City's GIS by email at

Click on the following link(s) to go to map(s) available online.

City Atlas Map

City Atlas Map with Address Grid

Special Districts Maps and Information

Engineering Transportation Maps

Street Sweeping Map

Planning Maps

Parks, Facilities and Trails

Bikeways Map

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Interactive GIS Web Applications