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Enterprise GIS

Rancho Enterprise GIS

REGIS was awarded the prestigious President’s Award in GIS in 2014 by ESRI for REGIS’ vision, leadership, hard work, and innovative use of GIS technology to serve its citizens. REGIS was previously awarded the Special Achievement in GIS Award in 2010 by ESRI.

REGIS – President's Award in GIS 2014

REGIS – Special Achievement Award in GIS 2010

The City’s dedicated enterprise GIS, or Rancho Enterprise Geographic Information Systems (REGIS), serves as a better way to maintain, manage, and share geographic information throughout the City. GIS is an important part of the daily operations and functions in the City because GIS gives the ability to analyze, query and display spatial and tabular data in a productive way to provide timely information in order to make better decisions. The City’s GIS handles a large number of map and data requests from all of the City’s departments, local residents, schools and other outside agencies.

One of REGIS’ mission critical responsibilities is to provide mapping and data support and analysis to the City’s public safety including Fire, Police and the Emergency Operations Center (EOC). REGIS creates maps and develops applications that will integrate Fire, EMS, and Police data with GIS to display, identify, and analyze incident patterns and response effectiveness, so that resources can be more optimally deployed.

REGIS provides a variety of map products and enhances City department’s operations and services with custom GIS applications and solutions. REGIS has developed user-friendly internet and intranet mapping applications for City staff and the public using GIS web-based technology. This technology allows users to query and display accurate GIS information that has increased department productivity and provided residents with timely and valuable City information and services. The following are just some of the map products and applications developed by REGIS and used by City staff in daily operations.

Code Enforcement – Application identifies parcels with violations and displays history of violations.

Engineering – Applications identify public improvement plans and locate major construction projects.

– Police map books and block plans are used for E911 emergency response and centralized command system during special operations and events.

Fire District 
– Fire map books and block plans are used for E911 emergency response and as digital map books.

Community Services
– RC Honors Military Banners tracks military banner locations for identification and maintenance.

– GIS assists Planning to create and update the City's zoning and general plan maps.

Special Districts
– Application provides and reports property tax and ownership information. Special Districts utilizes GIS in the creation of boundary maps and custom maps as well as in district payment and delinquency analysis.

Public Works 
– Application identifies and tracks sidewalk locations for inspection and repair.

Economic Development 
INsideRancho locates available business property sites for lease or sale and displays information about the property sites.

GIS Maps My Community provides property information such as trash pick-up and street sweeping schedules, zoning, general plan, city facilities, school districts, parks, utilities, etc. for residents and those looking to live or do business in Rancho Cucamonga.

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