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Victoria Neighborhood Parks and Landscape Maintenance District (LMD 2)

Victoria Neighborhood Parks and Landscape Maintenance District (LMD 2) was formed in 1982 and consists of single family residences, condominiums, multi-family units, commercial/industrial and vacant land, six parks, and trails. Landscape improvements provided in the district may include but are not limited to: turf, ground cover, shrubs and trees, sprinkler and irrigation systems, ornamental lighting, drainage systems, masonry walls, entryway monument, and associated appurtenances. These improvements include all necessary service, operations, administration, and maintenance required to keep these improvements in healthy, vigorous, and satisfactory working condition.

On June 5, 2013 a Proposition 218 Ballot tabulation occurred and it was determined that in the Victoria Neighborhood Parks and Landscape Maintenance District (LMD 2) there was not a majority protest to the Proposition 218 Ballot Initiative for the district.

The current assessment rate is $489.17 per single family residence, $360.21 per condominium unit, $342.42 per multi-family unit, $2,312.44 per acre per commercial/industrial property, and $97.83 per acre for undeveloped property.