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The GIS Division falls under the Department of Innovation & Technology (DoIT) in the Administrative Services Group. This division manages and develops the City's GIS applications, maps, and data.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

The City’s dedicated GIS Division serves all of the GIS and mapping needs of the City’s various departments including the City Manager’s Office, Administrative Services, Animal Services, Building and Safety, City Clerk’s Office, Community Services, Engineering and Public Works, Fire Protection District, Library Services, Planning, Police Department, and Redevelopment Agency, and any requests from residents and other local municipal agencies.

The Division is responsible for mapping the City's property parcel lines and street centerlines, mapping general plan and zoning ordinances, mapping for public safety including Fire and Police, and mapping other various City assets, facilities, and boundaries.
The Division was honored and awarded the prestigious President's Award in GIS in 2014 by ESRI at the annual ESRI User Conference, the world’s largest GIS event, for its vision, leadership, hard work, and innovative use of GIS technology to service its citizens. The Division was previously awarded the Special Achievement in GIS Award in 2010 (SAG) by ESRI.

REGIS Connect

Rancho Cucamonga Enterprise GIS (REGIS) Connect is dedicated to providing clients with quality enterprise Geographic Information Systems (GIS) services, solutions, and customer service through a shared services model, meeting and exceeding the needs and requirements of clients.

GIS Maps

GIS Maps My Community is a user friendly web-based mapping application designed for residents and anyone who is looking to live or do business in the City. The application allows users to search for a property based on an address and retrieve information about the property in a customized report that includes zoning, general plan, census data, services and utilities, special districts, environmental flood information, school districts, closest parks, and general property information.

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