Landscape Maintenance Districts

A LMD is not a separate entity of the City.  It is a financing vehicle utilized when the development of a neighborhood in the community is identified to specially benefit by certain improvements, such as parks, playgrounds, landscapes, sidewalks, trees, etc.   Due to this special benefit, landowners in the identified area are assessed to pay the costs of the construction and/or ongoing maintenance of such improvements. 

Each LMD is created through formation proceedings (also known as a vote of the affected property owners) pursuant to the Landscaping and Lighting Act of 1972 (the "1972 Act").  This usually occurs at the time a residential or commercial project is first developed.  The “1972 Act” allows a local agency (such as the City of Rancho Cucamonga) to levy an annual assessment for the maintenance of the community improvements, based on special benefit directly or indirectly, to the property owners within the LMD.  Annual assessments are paid as part of a line-item on individual property tax bills.

The Public Works Services Department is charged with landscape maintenance throughout the City - contact the department at (909) 477-2730.

The GIS/Special Districts Division is responsible for the administration of the assessments within each LMD - contact the Special Districts Division at (909) 477-2700

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