Business Classifications

The following are examples of businesses that fall under the major classifications listed in the application form:

  1. Retail, Wholesale, Miscellaneous
    Any business conducting, managing or carrying on a business mainly of selling at retail such as grocery, department and home improvement stores, restaurants, gasoline stations, ice cream vendors, etc.; or selling at wholesale any goods, wares, merchandise or produce.
  2. Contractors, Owner/Builder, Services, Property Rentals (Commercial, Residential, and Industrial)
    Any business conducting, managing or carrying on a business mainly of a service nature such as barbers/beauticians, manicurists, day care, gardeners, handyman, housekeeping, janitorial, maintenance, nursery schools and rest homes. Contractors include businesses that provide work required to be performed by a state-licensed contractor. Rentals shall include hotels, motels, apartments, apartment courts, rooming houses, duplexes, triplexes, trailer courts, mobile home parks, and similar rental units having four or more units, spaces or rooms on contiguous property in the City. Rentals shall also include commercial and industrial properties in the City.
  3. Professional and Semi-Professional
    Any person conducting, managing or carrying on a profession or vocation licensed by the State, related to a licensed profession and/or requiring a period of specialized training. This includes Advertising Agents, Appraisers, Architects, Attorneys, Certified Public Accountants, Dentists, Engineers, Physicians, etc.
  4. Manufacturing, Administrative Headquarters, Warehousing
    Any business conducting, managing, or carrying on a business acting as a manufacturer, processor, fabricator or warehouse only; or a business where the location within the City is an administrative office only.
  5. Delivery Vehicles
    Any business making deliveries in the City of Rancho Cucamonga not having a fixed place of business within the City limits, excluding Common Carriers.
  6. Entertainment and Amusement
    Any person/business conducting, managing or carrying on a business consisting of an entertainment nature such as Arcades, Billiard/Pool Rooms, Bowling Lanes, Carnivals, Circuses, Nightclubs, Skating Rinks, etc.
  7. Flat Rates
    Flat rates of varying amount (depending on the kind of business) are charged to businesses that fall under these categories: advertising and handbill distribution, ambulance operators, dance permits, solicitors, photographers with no office in the City, taxicabs, automobiles for hire, cocktail lounges, swap meets, etc.