Tracking Your Request

You can track your request(s) online using the Rancho Responds System. You can check the status of a request, see any staff actions that have been performed, and check the details of your request to ensure accuracy. To track a request, please follow the steps outlined below:

  1. Click “Track your Request” on the top navigation bar


  2. Select “Track your Request” from the Rancho Responds homepage.

On the next screen that comes up, please select the appropriate method for tracking your request, depending on how you submitted the request:

By Logging In

  1. If you logged in to your account before submitting the request, please enter your User Name (your email address) and your Password to track your request.

  2. You will then be presented with the Request Tracking screen that will display all the requests for your account. Click on the “View” button of the request you want to track.

  1. The request details will get displayed on the next screen.


  1. If you submitted the request anonymously, please enter the Request ID and the Lookup ID that you were provided with when submitting the request.

  2. The request details will get displayed on the next screen.

After Tracking Your Request

Whether you have logged in or submitted a request anonymously, you may have new information that could help us. We welcome any additional information that would be helpful in administering your request.

  1. After logging in or using a Request ID and a Lookup ID, go to the request you would like to track. On this screen click the "Add Comment" button near the bottom of the page.

  2. Enter additional comments, or a change or correction relevant to your request.

  3. You can also upload a new document or photo pertaining to your request or inquiry. Please include a description of the attachment so that we can process your request as efficiently as possible.

  4. Click "Save Comment" to save your work. The "Close" button will NOT save any entered information.