Submitting A New Request

Requests can be submitted at any time and will be acted upon by City Staff. Before you submit a request, please make sure you are logged into your account. Alternatively, you can submit a request anonymously or without logging in.

To submit a new request follow the steps outlined below:

  1. Click “Submit a Request” on the top navigation bar


  2. Select “Submit a Request” from the Rancho Responds homepage.

  1. Select the type of request form you would like to submit from the “Select Request Form” menu

  2. Search for a request form using the “Search by Keyword” feature

Once you have selected the request form you would like to submit, you can enter the required information on the request form.

  1. In the “Location Information” section, you can enter a “Street Number”, then double-click on the “Street Name” field and a window with a list of matching street names will pop up for you to select the appropriate street name.

  2. You can then double-click the “Cross Street” field and a list of matching cross street names will pop up for you to select the appropriate cross street name.

  3. If you created an account and are logged into Rancho Responds, your contact information will be pre-completed.

Once you have completed the request form, click the “Submit” button to submit your request.

Once your request is submitted, you will receive a confirmation screen.

When Logged In
  1. If you logged in to your account before submitting the request, you will receive a RequestID to track your request.
Anonymously or Without Logging In to Rancho Responds
  1. If you submitted the request anonymously, or submitted a request without logging in to Rancho Responds, you will also receive a Lookup ID. You will need both, the RequestID and the LookupID to track your request. Please be sure to make a note of both numbers as you will need them to track your request.