Fire Code AdministrationCourage Honor Service

The Prevention Bureau is charged with adopting the California Fire Code for Rancho Cucamonga by way of an ordinance that is presented to and approved by the District’s Board of Directors and ratified by the City Council.

This ordinance, where local amendments to the State’s standard code provisions are found, can be viewed here.

The Fire Marshal serves as the fire code official for the Fire District and the City, and leads a team of Inspectors in administering the code and issuing required permits. 

Permits are required for certain special events and projects.  Information about special events and special projects, and the associated permit fees, can be found here.  Permits are also required for specialized and hazardous business operations regulated by the Fire Code.  Information about these operating permits and the permit fees can be found under the Required Permits heading.

Fees for District required and supplied signs, locks and similar items are the current cost recovery for each item.  Current prices can be obtained by calling Fire Administration at 477-2770 or via email

For more information about code interpretations and construction standards, click here.