Ralph M. Lewis Park

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7898 Elm St
Non-reservable Shelters
  • 3 Small Covered Picnic Shelters with 2 Tables each (Non-reservable)
  • 2 Small Covered Picnic Shelters with 1 Table each (Non-reservable)
  • 1 Small Covered Picnic Shelter with 2 Tables - Near Play Area (Non-reservable)
  • 11 Barbecues (Non-reservable)
  • 1 Children's Play Equipment Area
  • 1 Recreational Basketball Full Court (Non-reservable)
  • Exercise Course (0.37 miles) featuring:
    • Pull-up, stretching bars
    • Push-up, spring-up bars
    • Vertical ladder
    • Parallel bars
    • Step-up blocks and post
    • Sit-up, push-up bench
  • 9-hole disk golf course
  • Parking Lot (30 spaces)
This is a non-reservable park, the picnic areas are available on a first come - first serve basis. Taping or roping off the shelter area or open picnic tables is NOT allowed and will be removed by Park Monitors.
Specialized equipment such as inflatable equipment, slides or bouncers are NOT allowed in this park.

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