BUILDING & SAFETY - Simple Building Permits
Some simple building permits can be started online.  These permits are the following:
  • Residential Furnace Replacement (Replacement only/same location)
  • Dishwasher Replacement (Replacement only)
  • Replacement of Residential Roofing Materials [Same roofing material (Planning approval required)]
  • Installation of Residential Skylights [Non-structural or solar photovoltaic only (Planning approval required)]
  • Electrical Panel Upgrade (100 Amp to 200 Amp maximum service)
  • Residential Electrical Fixtures, Receptacles and Switches (Replacement of lighting and fixtures, receptacles or switches)
  • Residential Water Heater Replacement and Upgrade (Replacement only - same location)
  • Residential Water Piping Replacement (Replacement only)
  • Stucco or Vinyl Siding Replacement (New or replacement - conditional)
  • Demolition and Removal of Residential Swimming Pools (Demolition and backfill)

To complete an Application Form for any of the simple permits identified above, please start a new application through our online permit and inpsection request system - RCTOPS.